Real stories of overcoming


” I had a wonderful experience with The Williams Cancer Institute. The cryoablation and immunotherapy surgery was a breeze. They answered all my concerns and treated me with great support, kindness and patience. The staff took excellent care of me every step of the way. I now have no need for radiation, chemotherapy, years of tamoxafin, or plastic surgery. Thank you so much Dr. Williams and staff. I owe you my life and will be forever grateful! ”


“I’m so grateful to Dr Williams and his team. It was a big step to go from Sydney, Australia to Mexico City for his treatment but it’s all been worthwhile. I was stage 4 NSCLC with mets to my lymph nodes. His recommended treatment, supplement regime, off label drugs and pre and pro biotics stopped growth immediately, this was followed over 3 months with a continuous reduction in size of all tumors and no new mets. Dr Williams then suggested I follow up with Keytruda infusions in Australia and so far this in combination with his intertumoral injections has been successful….which was exactly what he predicted would happen. The whole procedure took one week. (I’d previously had Chemo and radiation in Australia with little success) His care and professionalism are second to none and he and the Williams Cancer Institute team guided my wife and I every step of the journey and continue to do so. He always personally checks my 3 monthly scans and reports back asap and constantly updates me with new research outcomes that might assist with my recovery. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by organizing a Zoom meeting with him for his considered point of view. He’s refreshingly honest and approachable which are sometimes rare qualities in the oncology business. Plus he’s a great guy who takes the time to explain how his treatment works and why it could work so well in your situation. I highly recommend him and the Williams Cancer Institute. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like a discussion as I found talking to previous patients was very helpful.”


“Diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer at the end of 2018, my Urologist told me that treatment was futile and that I “should just go home”. A number of friends in the medical profession led me to Dr. Jason Williams who has been providing immunotherapy for more than a decade. While the FDA conducts clinical trials, Dr Williams provides the logical therapy of the future, today. If a healthy immune system keeps cancer in check, then it makes sense to use that same system to generate hunter-tracker cells that search out my cancer wherever it has spread in my body. While I had to travel, the experience was great, the hospital staff first-rate, and my confidence in and appreciation for Dr. Williams has caused me to share my strong endorsement for others facing a similar life event.

Lastly, other patients that I met often shared that they were referred by a relative, friend or co-worker, who had been referred another before that. All were doing well to date. I would do it again.”


“I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in July 2018. After several high PSA readings, a biopsy and MRI were scheduled and revealed significant cancer in the prostate with a Gleason 3+4=7 score with extracapsular extension along with a lymph node abnormality. At the end of 2019 I consulted with a leading prostate cancer specialist who confirmed my cancer was metastatic and was not curable by approved standard of care treatments, including systemic immunotherapy because my cancer doesn’t possess the specific genetic mutations to make that viable. A few days later I consulted with Dr. Williams, who after reviewing all my medical records determined I was a candidate for intratumoral immunotherapy. Dr. Williams explained in careful detail the combination of four immunotherapy agents that would be used in a treatment series. It was a fascinating discussion of how each drug would work to amplify immune system function or suppress cancer evasion activity, and how those processes would work synergistically to maximize an attack on the cancer. Very importantly, he also explained the necessity for supplements taken prior to the treatment to boost the immune system. I was treated with a series of three intratumoral immunotherapy injection procedures over the course of a week in January 2020. All my reactions to the drugs were exactly as predicted. Dr. Williams’s colleagues Dr. Carlos Vargas, biomedical engineer Eduardo Cortés, and all the supporting doctors and staff were fantastic. I’m so lucky to have had the benefit of their knowledge and expertise of the highest level. My discovery of The Williams Cancer Institute at the end of a year and a half of research was a miracle. Recent scans in 2021 and 2022 with the latest PSMA/PET/CT technology show no metastatic activity, no lymph node abnormalities, no progression of cancer in the prostate, and PSA levels are trending down to new lows. I feel great and have avoided all the discomfort and dysfunction that results from legacy surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy treatments. Dr. Williams and the Institute are at the forefront of the most important breakthroughs in immunotherapy which will revolutionize the entire field of oncology. If you are a cancer patient it is imperative that you consult with the Institute to see if these new immunotherapy techniques are a solution. Thanks to Dr. Williams I have a whole new life ahead. ”


“I am a patient of Dr. Jason Williams; I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011. After following traditional medicine for several years, my cancer spread. On November 25, 2020, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Prostate Cancer, with multiple metastases to my bones, with the most significant lesion on my spine. The prognosis was less than one year to live and zero hopes for a cure by traditional means. After several months with no improvement and associated symptoms worsening, I needed a quick solution.

I was referred to Dr. Williams by my ex-wife. She went to Dr. Jason Williams in 2016 with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and, after receiving treatment, today remains cancer-free. After a quick video consultation in early 2021, I felt confident with Dr. Williams’s treatment recommendations, and I booked my flight to Mexico City. Upon arrival in Mexico, I was greeted at the airport by one of the Institutes drivers, a nice young man who transported my two sons and me to our hotel and assisted us with checking In. On July 13, 2021, I arrived at the Williams Cancer Institute in Mexico City. The staff was very nice, and the facility was very clean/modern. Within a few hours of arriving, Dr. Williams administered a single injection of immunotherapies directly into the largest tumor. Since the tumor was in my bone, Dr. Williams had to give me the shot while inside a CT Scan machine. I can only imagine the precision and skill required to accomplish such an injection. Within four hours of my procedure, I was able to stand up, hug Dr. Jason Williams, and walk out of the Hospital relatively pain-free. You can see in the scans below that Since my treatment, all of my tumors have disappeared. My PSA remains under a 1. I cannot thank Dr. Jason Williams and the Williams Cancer Institute enough. I can honestly say today that I owe him my life.”


“It’s not easy to shuffle all the options that are available after a cancer diagnosis. Some options are pretty straightforward while others seem like a shot in the dark. What drew us to Williams Cancer Institute was Dr. Williams approach to immunotherapy. It was minimally invasive and it leveraged every pound of the body’s natural ability to fight the disease. Our experience with Williams Cancer Institute was exceptional. We were cared for as soon as we arrived at the airport and accommodated right until the time we were returned to the airport for our flight home. In between, we met some of the nicest, most well-informed doctors and nurses we’ve ever met. These folks hated this disease as much as we did. The hospital facilities were on par with any top-tier Hospital we’ve visited in the past. Even the food was good.

Dr. Williams himself was so very full of knowledge that went well beyond the actual treatments. He comes at this disease from so many different angles that you can’t help but to feel like you have a head start on getting after it. He’s incredibly smart and yet very humble. Really just a very nice man and a great doctor. I’d go so far as to say that we have lifelong friends here at Williams Cancer Institute. From the first call we made… to our trip home from treatments and beyond…We’re so very happy to have this group of people on our team.”


“The world is so blessed to have Dr. Jason Williams eager to kill cancer one tumor at a time! He was inspired as a young man by the death of his grandmother to cancer. I was fortunate enough to have him do ablation on my lung. It’s the solution to many cancers. And just as he said, the procedure is 2 to 3 hours, followed by 2 to 3 hour recovery and then you can go out for lunch! I drove us home the next day to Kentucky! It’s affordable, it works, it’s so much easier on your body, and it makes so much more sense to go after the tumor and not poison your entire body. My family and I thank the Good Lord regularly for curing me of my lung cancer by Dr. Williams!”


My name is Tina Willits and in March 2022 I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes and bones. As a fifty one year old wife, mother and grandmother, I was determined to find a path to becoming cancer free and find my health again. My first step was to begin traditional treatments with an oncologist; however, I quickly became frustrated with her approach which was to provide “quality of life” care with a twenty-four-month life expectancy. My oncologist offered chemotherapy but set an expectation that we would only be able to slow the progression of my cancer.

Even with my oncologist’s lack of optimism, I remained determined to find an alternative treatment that would lead to not only stop the progression but eliminate the cancer. I had heard that some doctors were having great results using immunotherapy treatments, so I began searching online for treatment options. During one of my searches, I came across Dr. Williams book, Immunotherapy Revolution and immediately ordered it from Amazon. I literally read the book in one day and felt strongly that Dr. Williams approach could help me. My husband is a surgeon and I asked him to read the book from the perspective of a medical doctor. He agreed that Dr. Williams’ treatment made a lot of sense and we decided to reach out to his office. I contacted Dr. Williams’ office on the Friday of 4th of July weekend. I shared with his friendly staff my prognosis and was assured that my information would be shared with Dr. Williams. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a text message from Dr. Williams the next day, on a Saturday. His passion for helping cancer patients was clear and he texted me supplements to start taking that weekend which would help build my immune system. I cannot express how much it meant to me that he would begin helping me immediately and keep in mind I had not paid him a penny at this point. The next step was for Dr. Williams to review my medical records and diagnostic images to determine if I was a candidate for his treatment. We were so excited to hear that I was a good candidate and he was able to schedule the procedure within weeks which was critical for my situation because he decided doing the procedure at the halfway point of my chemotherapy treatments would give me a significant advantage. All of the staff members were amazing and helped us to quickly coordinate all the details. My husband and I flew to Mexico City in late July for my procedure. Dr. Williams staff were waiting at the airport and coordinated taking us to the hotel, hospital and airport. I would be lying to say I was not nervous about going to another country to have a procedure done but his staff was so comforting and the hospital had an entire floor devoted to the Williams Cancer Institute and my anxiety quickly turned to optimism that I would have a great outcome. In fact, after my procedure, I was brought back to my hospital room and met a woman in the room next to me that was about to go in for the same procedure. We shared with each other our strong belief that Dr. Williams would give us our lives back! My procedure went very well and we stayed a few days just to make sure I would feel well enough to fly. I had the anticipated immune symptoms after the procedure but felt well enough to go out to do some site seeing and dining. I was able to fly home comfortably and had no complications from the procedure. It still amazes me that his treatment has no long term side effects. It is with much joy that I am able to share that the MRI that Dr. Williams ordered a few weeks after my procedure showed no active cancer and all my subsequent PET Scans continue to show no evidence of malignancies. This was accomplished without radiation which was one of my goals due to the risk of developing other cancers from the radiation. Additionally, Dr. Williams performs a Signaterra blood test monthly on me which measures circulating cancer cells down to a billionth of a cell which has been maintained at zero which prior to his treatment I had circulating cancer cells.

I cannot thank Dr. Williams and his caring staff enough. The entire team celebrates my continued health. I truly believe Dr. Williams’ procedure saved my life and it is so comforting to know that he accomplished this without putting me at risk for additional cancers. I greatly appreciated his passion for staying on the cutting edge of cancer treatments and I continue to recommend him as well as lots of prayers to anyone facing the daunting diagnosis of cancer.

Thank you all.



“Dr. Williams Is a life saver! My wife Milagros Alverez, after being in the best shape of her life, winning 3 fitness medals, discovered a lump under her left arm pit. In a short time she metastasized. After performing all the available treatments in the United States they told her they could not do anything else for her and to get her affairs in order. Not accepting this, we researched all available clinical trials and alternative procedures with one standing out after evaluating the risk to benefit factor as our best option. Doctor Williams is an angel along with his team. In just a short time most of her tumors have 70% necrosis and are shrinking. We are just in the beginning of our treatment but feel we are well on our way to saving her life. I can safely say I highly recommend the Williams cancer treatment center and not to hesitate and speak to them as soon as possible. I thank god every day we made this decision!”


“I’m one that doc Williams saved. Stage 4 squamous cell sinus cancer eating into my orbital bone and skull bone 10 days away from eating into my brain 3 treatments later the low dose chemo cocktail and heat ablation ate 85% of the tumor on the way to zero The cabo cure worx see”



“In 5/23 I was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, my family and I were devastated! I could not imagine not being here for my family. The diagnosing doctor prescribed palliative chemotherapy and told me to get my affairs in order, I rejected this. With my wife’s help, we chose a different path, so my homeopathic journey began. We found out about Dr. Jason Williams, Williams Cancer Institute in 9/23. After listening to his audio book, The Immunotherapy Revolution, we had a better understanding of intratumoral precision guided immunotherapy and ablation. It just made sense. Time was not on my side. We took the first available appointment… best decision ever! The hospital was very nice, the medical team was extremely efficient and gracious. Dr. Williams is searching for a cure here. I am happy to say today, I have no evidence of disease! We truly believe God led me here and is working through this medical team and these procedures. We are forever grateful to Dr. Williams, he is a brilliant mind yet humble and compassionate. Dr. Williams is on the forefront of something huge here and is saving lives.

Thank you to Dr. Williams and his team for the invaluable work that you are doing, you all are truly angels, God bless.”


“Oh my, what do you say when your life has been given yet another chance!!

When I first met Dr.Williams, I watched him do the newest procedure of that day. I was completely and absolutely awed. He later asked me what I thought! I told him I felt like I had just seen one of my grandchildren born. I asked him if I could have the needle he had used in the procedure. It looked like a big knitting needle with a surprise on the end. That needle has followed me now, for almost 20 years. It has set on my desk all these years! I knew it represented greatness. I also told him at that time, some day- this young man- just out of residency might one day save my life. That day came last week. The needle I have so carefully kept track of, is WAY out of date. Dr. Jason Williams with the heart of a pioneer, facing huge odds,never gave up. Humble to the core,desiring one thing a cure for cancer. I fully believe in his lifetime he shall see the evidence of what he hopes for. Dr. Jason and your precious wife, I need a newer needle to put on my desk for another 20 years.”

 Thank you